“Being a Realtor is about Individuals who live in Dwellings”

Mickey Dobo's Objectives for Sellers

  • To analyze and market properties with the latest technologys utilizing sound planning, proffessional ethics, persuasive skills with a strong company support system
  • To insure that my clients receive pertinent and up to date information thus adding value to your home sales transaction
  • To produce qualified buyers that are ready, willing and able
  • To develop objective solutions to difficult decisions
  • To reduce the red tape resulting in less client stress
  • To provide the most effective negotiations on price and terms
  • To expedite securing information regarding loan qualifactions from purchaser's mortgage sources
  • To minimize your work load so you have time to concentrate on the moving decisions while I do the detailed work, i.e. collecting bids, scheduling for maintenance and supervising to completion
  • To insure that you receive the highest return on your property investment